About Us

We effectively integrate into the supply chain of our clients, offering products in the required conditions of quality, cost, period and service.

In addition to having our own production, we have a network of producers that allows us to guarantee the availability of products to meet the demand and needs of our clients.

These are the cornerstone

values of our operations.





to sustainability

When talking about exotic fruits, specifically desert fruits, the domestication of this species is found to be a challenge and a privilege for our farmers, by being able to work with these wild fruits.

We are aware of the environmental situation related to the overfarming of the land that has been on the rise over the last years. It is for this reason that our approach of maintaining this species alive in order to take it from the extraordinary desert lands to the tables of thousands of families, is found in the sustainable methods with which we work day and night so that this may be fulfilled.

Thanks to our strategic partners such as Green Land Conception, who work to innovate our processes with sustainable science and technology.